Due Diligence

Maximize transaction value and avoid post transaction surprises through a customized approach that we work with you to determine. We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution; we are fully customizable
through our menu of services and have the expertise to target exactly what you want. Don’t incur unnecessary transaction fees for analysis and information that you do not need or will not use.


We understand that investment targets are developed years in advance of a transaction event. Create clarity in a business you are pursuing by introducing us to them. Allow us to assist them, enabling greater transparency and consistency so that your confidence increases pre-investment.

On-Going Monitoring

Your due diligence process was strategic, thorough and expensive. Don’t lose the opportunity to receive consistent, accurate, reliable, financial information. We work with your portfolio companies leadership
teams on a monthly basis to ensure that operating metrics are transparent, accurate and reliable. Leverage us to help your investments succeed.

Due Diligence


Vital Accounting and Consulting lives the core principle of Solving It by Serving It. We have been actively performing due diligence services for over 10 years. We have seen companies that have experienced wild successes and miserable failures.  We want to help you avoid significant pitfalls and look around the corner by customizing our approach for you. We know the technical issues of accounting and we are relied upon to ensure that you have complete clarity on your target’s accounting and financial position. We want to serve you.


Because of our high level of experience and expertise and the highly variable challenges impacting each business we serve, we feel it is only fair to have a customizable approach in our fees to create a long-term partnership.


We Are Excited to Help

Whether your company’s or target’s revenues are $500,000 or $1.5 billion, we have the experience, passion and expertise to serve you.  We care personally and challenge directly.  We want to help you.