Due Diligence

Maximize transaction value and avoid post transaction surprises through a customized approach that we work with you to determine. We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution; we are fully customizable through our menu of services and have the expertise to target exactly what you want. Don’t incur unnecessary transaction fees for analysis and information that you do not need or will not use.

Technical Accounting

US GAAP is the accounting rule book of business that provides structure and consistency.  Unfortunately, the rule book changes and adapts over time, requiring you to have a storied technical expert who supports and helps interpret for you.  Vital’s team gained the expertise necessary to be your technical expert through decades of service in public accounting.  We know and understand the application of the most complex and unique areas of GAAP: revenue recognition, lease accounting, business combinations, mergers and acquisitions, and others, in addition to what may seem routine, but which you may just not have experience.

Growth Stage Support

We believe there is extreme power and value from knowing where you are and how you are viewed from the lens of an investor.  We also know that assuming you are solid financially does not help you sleep at night, you must know where you are and that knowledge enables strategic thinking.

We Are Excited to Help

We welcome the opportunity to have a specific discussion about the specific needs of your business and how we can best serve you.